refreshed studio, refreshed website

Hi all!

There has been many updates here at the studio we would love to share with everyone.

First of all, the website has been redone with new images from photographer David Mitchell It has been just over 6 months since the studio has been in full operation! It was about time to freshening it up!

Second, we've updated our EQ room with many more essentials equipments that we've been asked by photographers. We have the 7' (190cm) Elinchrom Octabank, a couple more roller stands, a complete satellite Eizo CG246 Coloredge monitor setup that can extend up to 15', a location MacBook Pro with a new 500GB SSD drive, lastly a 12'x12' butterfly frame all here in house available for our clients. 

Lastly, we just want to thank everyone that has enjoyed, shared and talked about Shio Studio. We are only here because of your support. Shio Studio will continue to provide a professional, yet intimate and awesome studio space!